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Couples Therapy

Dating, engaged, and married couples of all genders are welcome in our office. We specialize in premarital counseling as well and offer both private and group counseling. We may discuss issues such as:

  • Affection / Sex / Love

  • Raising Children / Parenting

  • Financial Management

  • Each Other's Families of Origin

  • Infidelity

  • Communication

  • Conflict Management


Sessions are usually 90 minutes long and scheduled weekly. Because every couples' needs are different, we do not prescribe a certain amount of sessions (though 12-20 total sessions is an average number of times to see each other). We do not allow children in couples therapy sessions because it tends to distract the couple from progressing and being completely open in therapy. Therefore, please make arrangements for childcare before each session. This same policy goes for animals that are not certified for service purposes. We have a strict policy that both partners need to attend all couples therapy sessions unless otherwise agreed upon. If one person is not able to attend, we will need to reschedule to a date and time where both people are able to attend together. Lastly, we have a "no secrets" policy and do not converse separately with either person without the other's knowledge. This basically means anything you plan to say to your therapist, plan to say it to your partner as well.




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