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Relationship Coaching

Coaching is similar to therapy, but there are some differences. With therapy, we typically work with clients who may struggle with mental illness, be stuck in the past, or have severe trauma or grief to process. In coaching, the service is much more future-oriented. We focus on goal-setting and helping you achieve the goals you wish to address. The course of our time together may also be a shorter duration than traditional therapy depending on what you hope to accomplish in our sessions together and how you take charge of your own change. As a relationship coach, our job is to empower you to form the relationships that will be healthy and helpful for you rather than being stuck with unsatisfactory or even destructive relationships.


If relationship coaching sounds like a good fit for your needs, please contact us at 720-381-2755 to discuss your options. Bulk session packages available starting at $85/session. See the "Fees" page for more details.




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