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Group Therapy

*A list of current groups are listed on the "Current Groups & Classes" page.*


We aim to keep groups small (no more than 10 people total for any group) for more in-depth conversations and greater support within the group context. The therapist takes on the role of group facilitator and though they lead the group as a time-keeper and conversation starter, they tend to leave the majority of the conversation up to the group participants.


Groups can vary in frequency and duration depending on the group context. There is usually a structure to each group and possibly workbooks and homework involved. In most groups (excluding ones explicitly involving children), we do not allow children because it tends to distract the participants from progressing and being completely open. Therefore, please make arrangements for childcare before each session. This same policy goes for animals that are not certified for service purposes.



All groups are held in a confidential setting and identifying information will not be released to anyone outside of the group. It is encouraged for group participants to abide by these guidelines as well for the safety and privacy of all group members. It is possible for group participants to want extra support from each other outside of the group context. If this is the case, please be inclusive and mindful of other group members' wishes.

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