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We have some glowing reviews on Google that you may review if you wish to see what others have said about their experiences with Trade Winds Therapy & Relationship Coaching.

Below are some real reviews from Christie's clients*:



"We really enjoyed working with Christie prior to our wedding. She provided a safe space for us to address issues and express feelings. We improved our communication skills and learned valuable lessons about how to keep our relationship alive and well as we embark on the journey of marriage."

- A. & E.


"My fiance and I had a history of harsh arguments. We constantly bickered over the pettiest of things and would escalate into snippy comments and then into screaming matches... We knew we needed help, and fast. Christie helped us to discover vital communication skills that helped us keep our tempers cooled and talk through our issues instead of resorting to angry, hurtful comments. The methods we learned have given us a major stepping stone in our relationship and helped us come a long way!"

- J. & L.


"Christie helped us to have difficult conversations, which may have ended up in an argument on our own. I'm very thankful for Christie's approach, expertise, and insight. My husband and I have seen lasting effects in our marriage from the work we did together with her."

- C. & N.

therapist reviews

"I met Christie at a particularly hard point in my life. I struggled with depression and anxiety and I was cautious about seeking therapy. When I met Christie, from day one she was so open and positive. It's hard to find someone, especially a therapist, that you mesh well with. Someone who is nonjudgemental. Christie made me feel comfortable in a vulnerable situation. She gave me tools to use every day to cope with stress and my emotional ups and downs. We talked about how to use these tools effectively and now I have them in my back pocket forever. Christie is a wonderful therapist and I wouldn't be able to cope as well as I have without her support and strength."

- S.

"Christie was an amazing therapist to work with. My daughter was struggling with behavior issues at school and at home that were negatively affecting her learning and our home life. My daughter loved Christie right away and enjoyed each visit. Christie quickly identified our daughter's unique personality traits and gave us helpful tools to work with her at home. She also worked with my husband and me to help identify areas of our parenting style that we could adjust to help improve our child's behavior. Since her visits, my little girl has improved 100% at school and at home and is really thriving. I highly recommend Christie."

- C.

*All testimonials have been published with the knowledge and permission of each client.

Only initials have been used to protect client confidentiality.

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