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10 Effective Stress Busters

Do you find yourself stressed out and stuck in a rut? Try out some of these healthy stress-reducing activities to get you back to feeling good again.

1. Exercise

Get up and move around! Studies consistently show that exercise reduces stress greatly whether it's going for a walk with your dog or joining the gym.

2. Breathe

This one seems silly because you do it all day long, but when is the last time you actually thought about how you breathe? By taking slow, mindful breaths, you can calm your entire body and let go of tension.

3. Find a creative hobby

If you have something you enjoy, do it! From knitting, to painting, to writing poetry, whatever makes you feel creative, explore how these activities make you feel.

4. Get a massage

Though this activity can be a bit costly, receiving a therapeutic massage every so often greatly reduces stress in your body and mind.

5. Take time for yourself

It is very common to get stuck in a daily pattern and forget to take care of your need to be alone. Set time aside every day (if possible) just to unwind and decompress from the day.

6. Journal

Regular journaling can help clear your mind and declutter your thoughts. By focusing on how you are feeling about certain situations, you can come to a better understanding of yourself and your needs.

7. Reconnect with nature

With Spring's arrival, the weather will finally be getting warmer. This is the perfect time to ditch the winter blues and go outside for a walk, hike a local trail, or find a quiet spot in a park to just notice the beauty surrounding you.

8. Plan time with family and/or friends

Getting together with family and friends may be a great way to relieve stress. Plan something fun like dinner together, going out for a bowling night, or karaoke.

9. Pet a dog or cat

As long as you're not allergic, having a pet such as a dog or cat has wonderful effects on your life and health. Take some time to cuddle your pet and give it some well-deserved attention.

10. Read

Engage yourself in some sort of literature that is not work-related. Find a topic that intrigues you and jump in!

I'd love to hear YOUR ideas for how to reduce stress and practice regular self-care. There are plenty of activities out there, so find some that work for you!

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