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10 Ways to be Thankful for Your Partner

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I am dedicating this blog post to couples looking for different ways to show gratitude for their partners. This post also serves as a reminder that no matter how you do it, showing appreciation for your partner is a necessary part of keeping your relationship healthy. Without regular displays of gratitude, your "love bank" does not gain any deposits (let alone interest!). Continuing to only take withdrawals from this bank will inevitably lead to bankruptcy. That being said, here are some ideas to make deposits into your personal "love bank":

1) Hug for at least 20 seconds at a time for a minimum of four times a day.

2) Take five to ten minutes to catch up at the end of each day and show a real interest in what your partner says.

3) Share your dreams with each other. Big or small, discuss them all!

4) Take over some household or childcare duties to give your partner a break for a little while.

5) Leave little love notes around where you know your partner will find them.

6) Make your partner's favorite meal for dinner.

7) Go out on a date (no kids allowed!).

8) Text your partner during the day when you're not together about how much you love and appreciate them.

9) Make sure you kiss when you go to work in the morning and before you go to bed at night. A six-second long kiss is preferred over a quick peck!

10) Just come out and say it. A simple yet sincere "thank you" can be very powerful!

There are plenty of other ways to demonstrate your love and appreciation for each other, so get creative with your partner's love language and show how thankful you are for him or her. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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